2020 September 10 – HDI Philippines held a special episode of their webinar series on a Thursday afternoon, hosted by HDI PH’s Sales and Operations Manager, Bius Domingo.

HDI Philippines is grateful to have these brave men who willingly shared their stories on how they conquered their battle against the virus. Arnold and Jarry shared their experiences of how they felt when they had the symptoms when they received the positive result of COVID-19 and the things they’ve done during their quarantine period.

One thing that both shared is how grateful they are for products that helped them go through their battles. And these products are from HDI. Arnold and Jarry took the combo of Propoelix and Pollenergy while they are in quarantine, and they said that these products helped them feel stronger and better each day.

Taking both Propoelix and Pollenergy per day helps strengthen your resistance and immunity against any virus. It has been proven not only by these men but also by other COVID-19 survivors from Indonesia who took the same health supplements. Arnold took one (1) capsule of Propoelix and two (2) tablets of Pollenergy, while Jarry took one (1) capsule of Propoelix and one (1) tablet of Pollenergy, both three (3) times a day to help speed up their body’s recovery from the virus.

“Parang nung ininom ko siya [the HDI Products], lalong lumakas ang aking immune system. Sa palagay ko natalo niya yung virus sa katawan ko, yung COVID.” [When I took the products, I felt like it strengthened my immune system. I thought that the products won over the COVID-19 virus inside my body.]. Arnold took not only Propoelix and Pollenergy but also Clover Honey to lessen his sugar intake since he is diabetic. The mix of Clover Honey with a glass of water and a squeeze of lemon every morning, also helped Arnold to become stronger each day.

“Araw araw ko siya tine-take. 3x a day. Parang gumaganda yung pakiramdam ko, lumalakas yung immune system ko, saka yung pangangatawan ko. Tapos sinasamahan ko rin ng mga healthy na pagkain saka exercise.” [I take [the products] every day. 3x a day. I felt better and felt that it strengthened my immune system and my body. I also eat healthy meals and do exercise.].  It is what Jarry said when asked about the things he did to recover from the virus.

Arnold and Jarry are now both negative from the virus. They are both well and taking care of themselves better to avoid any virus or illness that may come.

If you’re interested to know more about the story of these two brave men, click the video below.