HDI World held another inspiring and insightful webinar with their special guest, Mr. Donald Lee. Mr. Lee has been an enterpriser of HDI Network Malaysia since 1987. Over the years, his network grew in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Macao.

In this session, Mr. Lee shared his success story on how he started with HDI. He also discussed how HDI enterprisers and future aspiring enterprisers can move forward and grow their businesses regardless of the situation we are in now.

Why he chose HDI?

  • HDI has unique products. HDI is the pioneer in the Philippines market since 1989 in selling bee products
  • HDI has proven and effective products
  • HDI has a fair marketing plan. The more you generate = the more you earn

Other keynotes:

  • We have to adapt to the situation and continue the lifestyle that we look forward to
  • YOU are the key to developing yourself and the business to achieve your dreams
  • Take care of yourself because money can’t buy good health
  • Your attitude towards the business is what will make you successful

Mr. Lee also mentioned that a good company wouldn’t last for years if the product is no good. Mr. Lee has indeed an inspiring story to encourage enterprisers and others to join the HDI business. If you wish to watch the full video, please click here.