On July 24 (Friday), Psychologist, sex therapy expert, author, and television host Dr. Margie Holmes starred in HDI Philippines Bee Ultra’s webinar called “Be Ultra Intimate: A Relationship and Intimacy Session with Dr. Margie Holmes”

The session started with an online ice breaker called Bee Ultra Fast talk. The audience both on Zoom and Facebook engaged with the little naughty yet fun questions from our moderator.

It was an exciting 1-hour session that is full of insightful pieces of advice regarding sex, relationship, and intimacy. Given her years of knowledge and expertise, Dr. Holmes also addressed the concerns and questions from the audience on how they can be ultra-intimate with their partners.

Here are some takeaways from Dr. Holmes:

  • The psychological cause of low sex drive is mainly the relationship of the partner. But it can also be when one experienced childhood trauma or when one has a “performance anxiety”.
  • Premature ejaculation, as research shows, might be biogenetic. There are studies that say premature ejaculation runs within the family.
  • Couples can have sex every day especially when you are newly married. As long the partners enjoy it.
  • You can improve your sex drive naturally by having a nice and healthy body. Eat good food, exercise and try not to be obese. Avoid man-made supplements. Try to find natural and fresh food.
  • Meat can help improve blood flow, and improving blood flow helps with erection and ejaculation. Nuts and seeds can also help and recommended for vegans.
  • Age of prime for men is dependent. As long as you take good care of yourself, you are good to go. A healthy body can help you boost your sex drive and performance.
  • It is okay to for committed men to fantasize about other women. But the partner should be ready when you asked your partner if they fantasize about other women. Try open and share these kind of things as it will help you become more intimate and comfortable with each other.

After Dr. Holmes’ discussion, HDI Philippines’ Sales and Operations Manager, Bius Domingo, joined us for a product knowledge part of the webinar featuring their very own, Bee Ultra. Mr. Domingo discussed the benefits and key ingredients of the product and how it can help men to be stronger and last longer.

HDI Philippines is grateful to have Dr. Margie Holmes and Mr. Bius Domingo as speakers for that afternoon’s webinar.

To watch the recorded Facebook live stream, CLICK HERE.