HDI Philippines started the month of October by giving an ultra-energetic webinar featuring our very own, Bee Ultra. Bee Ultra is a pure and natural health supplement for men that unleashes your full energy from day ‘til night.

For this session, we are grateful to hear from two men who’ve been taking the supplements for months and have seen excellent results when it comes to their performance in running their daily errands until the fun and exciting times at night. James and Kennedy shared their stories on how this product helped them improve their performance and lifestyle by taking two (2) capsules of Bee Ultra per day.

James is a 34-year old web developer who loves doing exercise and playing basketball. While Ken is a 44-year old government compliance staff in an advertising company. Both noticed that there was an improvement in their energy and daily performance after taking the products for five to seven days.

James shared that ever since he started taking Bee Ultra, he was able to finish one whole basketball game without experiencing any cramps. And after a tiring day at work, he still has the energy to play with his kids at night, and of course, a fun and intimate time with his wife.

On the other hand, Ken talked about how he experienced cramps on legs body after a two to three-kilometer walk and jog. But after taking the product regularly, he can walk and jog for two to five kilometers without experience any cramps. And since he is a government compliance staff, he is usually on the field which might be exhausting. But then, since he’s been taking Bee Ultra, he still has the energy to do some paper works when he got back to the office up until he goes back home. He mentioned that he was able to have more time and energy to bond with the kids, and most importantly, an intimate time with his wife. “Dahil nga may energy pa, medyo maganda pa yung pangangatawan mo, talagang maibibigay mo pa yung gusto mo, para mag enjoy din yung ka-partner mo.” [Since I still have the energy for the day and my body still feels okay, you will be able to give what you want, so that your partner will enjoy as well.] Ken explained.

Bee Ultra does not only maximize your energy, but it also helps you bring back the intimacy between you and your partner. The secret? This capsule is combined with 5 natural key ingredients including HDI’s very own Propoelix, Bee Pollen, and Royal Jelly plus Korean ginseng and Avena sativa. In addition, it also boosts your immune system that helps you fight any viruses.

For only 60PHP per day, men will be able to be stronger and last longer.

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So what are you waiting for? Purchase for yourself or for your partner so that you can unleash your energy, from day ‘til night. Click here to purchase!