Few years ago, I was diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). I was so acidic (because of 5 cups of coffee everyday) I would always have acid reflux almost every day. Not to mention series of heart burns, which at times felt like I was having a heart attack. My doctor prescribed medications, but I didn’t want to take them all. I was worried about my liver and I really tried to veer away from synthetic medicines as much as I can, because anything synthetic is bad for our body.

I changed my diet. More fibers, less coffee (even if it was so hard ), less sweets, but, my job is really demanding and stressful, that’s why I still experienced acid reflux and heartburn. I started searching for natural ways to prevent it and found out that honey helps coat the esophagus and it also has healing properties. Plus it also tastes good. I bought the cheap one from the market, IT DID NOT HELP.

I was told by a friend that not all honeys are made the same. Most of the cheap ones are not potent and not pure, your money will just be put to waste. So I really tried looking for something that’s worth my money and pure. Then I learned about HDI Clover Honey. I took 2 spoons per day and in just a few days I noticed that I no longer experience acid reflux. I continued taking it and since then I had zero experience of acid reflux, hyperacidity, or heartburn.

It’s so effective that I use it as an alternative to sugar already so I can still eat my sweets 🙂 and take my coffee haha! 😀 – Joy R.