HDI is not just a business, but it also teaches how to maximize the potential of each person and become a growing person, one of which is through the BIG (Billionaires Instructor Gathering) event.

This year, the BIG 2019 event was officially held on 11-13 January 2019 in Kampoeng Kidz, Batu, Malang. With the theme “Living Legend”, for three full days, the Enterprisers activities were packed with session after session which broadened their horizons and built their mentality.

There is a motivational sentence delivered by Mr. Julianto Eka Putra at his opening session on the first day, he said that we all can certainly achieve our dreams, but there are conditions, namely to dare to act and dare to step. After the session, the activity continued with the Stay Strong Musical & Happy Day Transformer Center event to commemorate the anniversary of Kampoeng Kidz and the Transformer Center. The program was hosted by SMA Selamat Pagi Indonesia students, accompanied by special guests, namely the younger siblings who had extraordinary advantages. The song Fight Song, It’s My Life, and Jangan Menyerah combined with some dances succesfully made the participants excited on a cloudy afternoon at that time. At night, the event closed with the recognition of New Executive Crown HDI for Mrs. Srita Sinulingga and dr. Felix Tarigan, as well as Mr. Eddy Handjaja and Mrs. Indahwati Lidjaja.

On the second day, the event was filled by the Chairman of HDI, Mr. Brandon Chia. On this occasion, besides thanking the participants who have come, he also did not forget to wish the Enterprisers a Happy New Year. “I am grateful and happy to be in the midst of this family. 2018 is an extraordinary year, but in 2019, I’m sure it will be a more extraordinary! I am aware of the current developments that make things easier. Therefore, in this new year, we from management will also make things easier for Enterprisers, because I am committed to make all of your income increase by 2-3 times! ” said Brandon Chia enthusiastically brought this session.

Not to stop there, the BIG event this time also features the company’s appreciation of the Enterprisers’ hard work, namely through Cash Reward Achievement and Championship. Cash prizes were given directly by Mr. Brandon Chia, Ms. Su-Mae Chia and Mr. Donald Lee to the winners. BIG this time was successfully colored with an extraordinary performance presented by SMA Selamat Pagi students titled Blaze of Glory. See you next on the next BIG! Selamat pagi!