HDI produced a movie in Indonesia titled: Say I Love You. It started when Pak Budi, the owner of Multi Buana Kreasindo (MBK): a production house, went to Batu Malang and stayed in the Transformer Center. Transformer Center is one of Pak Julianto’s business unit developed by the children who graduated from Sekolah Selamat Pagi Indonesia. During the visit of Pak Budi, he felt that all the children worked from their heart and their stories are amazing. Pak Julianto introduced MBK to Brandon Chia and settled the agreement to work together.

The storyline is about the struggle of a mentor. He dedicated his life to better the children’s lives and develop their potential. It is also about their struggles in working together because they came from various backgrounds and how they were able to transform themselves into beautiful butterflies.

Say I Love You hits the cinemas this 2019.

Watch the trailer https://youtu.be/t2an-UeDLqo

Read more on https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9024646/.